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Cardiac   Research   and   Education   Foundation   (CARE   Foundation)   has   been   promoted   by a    group    of    medical    scientists    and    technocrats    with    the    stated    mission    of    making    advanced comprehensive   healthcare   affordable   and   accessible   to   all.   CARE   Foundation   was   founded   in 1997   and   has   its   head   office   at   Hyderabad.   CARE    Foundation    is    a    non-profit    organization   registered   as   a   society   under   Andhra   Pradesh   (Telangana   Area)   Society   Registration   Act- 1365F.      The   Foundation   is   run   by   a   board   of   trustees   comprising   of   eminent   medical   professionals and   scientists,   dedicated   to   further   the   cause   of   making   tertiary   healthcare   available   to   the   general masses of India. Mission: 1 . To serve humanity by integrating skills in medical science, technology and patient care. 2 . To   develop   CVTI   as   an   integrated   product   design,   development,   and   testing   facility,   for producing cost effective medical products. 3 . To   develop   indigenous   technology   solutions   for   making   quality   health   care   affordable   and accessible. Vision: To    promote    development    of    indigenous    products    and    systems,    adapting    appropriate technologies,   generating   clinical   skills,   and   removing   barriers   before   patients   accessing   it through Institutional partnerships. Our Focus:  1 . Reduction   in   treatment   cost   by   indigenization   of   medical   products   &   evolving   appropriate treatment protocols. 2 . Equivalence with the state-of the-art in terms of quality and performance to generate skills. 3 . Achieve core-competence through interactive techno-medical development. 4 . System Integration of Medical Systems.
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