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The   Patron   of   the   Foundation   is   Dr.   B   Soma   Raju   a   renowned   cardiologist.   He   headed the   department   of   cardiology   at   Nizam’s   Institute   of   Medical   Sciences   during   which time   he   brought   modern   cardiac   care   into   the   country.   Dr.   B   Soma   Raju   was   director   of cardiology   division   at   Mediciti   Hospitals   before   starting   CARE   Hospital.   He   along   with Bharat   Ratna   Dr   APJ   Abdul   Kalam   founded   the   Society   for   Biomedical   Technology (SBMT),   which   fostered   an   era   of   collaborative   efforts   between   medical   community   and basic    scientists    in    various    national    laboratories    to    develop    indigenous    medical products.   The   Government   of   India   has   honored   Dr   B   Soma   Raju   with   Padmashri   for his contribution in the field of Medicine in the year 2000.
The     Chairman     of     the     CARE     Foundation     is     Dr.    A     Raja     Gopala     Raju     MD, DM(Cardiology),      C.M.C   Vellore.   He   is   a   great   Professor   of   Cardiology   trained   lot   of undergraduate    and    post-graduate    Medical    Professionals.    Previously    headed    the Department    of    Cardiology    in    Medwin    Hospital.    Also    working    as    a    Consultant cardiologist    in    CARE    Hospitals,    Hyderabad.    He    has    tremendous    experience    in performing   Cardiac   Cath   Procedures   and   Interventions.   He   had   a   great   compassion towards his profession that drives him to became chairman of CARE Foundation.
The   Vice-Chairman   of   the   Foundation   is   Dr.   B.   N.   Prasad,   MS   (Ortho).   He   is   Life Member   of   Indian   Orthopaedic   Association   and   AADO   member.   He   is   the   Head   of Department   of   Orthopedics   and   Traumatology   in   Care   Hospitals,   Hyderabad.   He   was the    Former    head    for    the    Orthopaedics    Department    at    NIMS    Hyderabad.    He    has authored    a    number    of    publications    in    national    and    international    journals.    He    had tremendous   experience   in   clinical   research   studies   that   include   more   than   1000   knee replacements and more than 800 hip replacements.
The   Secretary   of   the   Foundation   is   Prof. Arun   K   Tiwari,   a   missile   scientist   who   has   25 years   of   experience   of   technology   development   and   management.   He   was   the   first program   manager   of   the   Society   for   Biomedical   Technology   (SBMT).   He   came      out   of Defence   Research   &   Development   Organisation   (DRDO)   in   1997   to   establish   the Foundation.   He   is   currently   the   Director   of   Cardiovascular   Technology   Institute,   a division   of   the   Foundation.   He   is   recipient   of   the   Defence Technology   Spin-off   award   in 1998    for    the    indigenous    development    of    the    coronary    stent.    He    also    heads    the Telemedicine   project   which   is   to   make   quality   healthcare   accessible   to   people   living   in remote areas.
The   Treasurer    of    the    Foundation    is    Dr    D.    N    Kumar.    He    is    former    faculty    in    the Department   of   Cardiology   at   the   Nizams   Institute   of   Medical   Sciences.   He   is   currently working   as   consultant   cardiologist   at   CARE   Hospital,   Nampally.   He   has   more   than   27 years   of   experience.   He   is   an   eminent   teacher   in   cardiology   and   is   involved   with running   a   charitable   school   in   the   district   of   Khammam.   He   has   authored   a   number   of scientific papers in national and international journals.