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Societal Projects

CARE     Foundation     has     been     in      the     forefront     of     initiatives     and     activities     aimed     of     furthering   societal     health     and     disease         free     populace.     A     5     member     advisory     and    monitoring     committee    was   formed    headed    by    Justice    BP  Jeevan    Reddy.     The   members  of    the    committee    are    listed   below: 1 . The     Little     Hearts     Project     of     CARE     Foundation,     established     to     save     children     hailing     from      socio- economically     underprivileged     families     suffering     from     Congenital     Defects     of     the     Heart,     has      done   yeoman    service    and    achieved    phenomenal    success    with    about    707    successful    heart    surgeries    conducted   so    for    on    these    children,    thus    bringing    happiness    to    these    families    and     making       hem       useful       citizens      of      the       country.       The     Program       is    running     successfully     and     has   collected     Rs     37258808     from     7025   donors    as    of    31 st   March    2016. 2 . CARE     Relief:     The     Relief     fund     has     collected     about     Rs.     4713494     from     180     donors     as    of     31 st   March   2016    and    has    provided    treatment    in     form    of    interventional    and    surgical    procedures     to   190     patients.   The      CARE      Relief      Fund      provides      financial      assistance      to     people     living     below     the      poverty     line    to   undergo   treatment. 3 . CARE     Foundation     conducts     a     number     of     educational,     preventive,     diagnostic     and     curative     health   programs    to    its    outreach    programs    all    over    the    state    as    a    part    of    its    commitment    of    the     well-being    of   the    society.     The    Kidney    Care    Project     of    CARE     Foundation    aims    to    promote     kidney     health     and     offers   care     and     support     to     patients    suffering    from    Chronic    Kidney    Disease     (CKD),    so    that    they    are    able    to   achieve    the    best    health    and    well-being    possible,    thus    improving     their    overall    quality    of    life.    The    Kidney Care     Project     focuses     on     supporting     people     with     chronic     or     acute     kidney    failure.     The     Program     is    running     successfully     and     has    collected     Rs    869000     from     56     donors     as     of    31 st   March    2016.   It    has   benefitted  33   patients.
S. No. Member Name Designation 1 Justice B P Jeevan Reddy Chairman 2 Shri D. Suresh (Rama Naidu Studios) Member 3 Shri Vemuri Radha Krishna (Andhra Jyothi) Member 4 Shri Sreeni Raju (Associated BroadcastingPvt. Ltd. - TV9) Member 5 Shri Amarnath A Menon (India Today) Member