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SMART VILLAGE - Healthcare Initiative using our Telemedicine



CARE    Foundation     and    CARE    Hospitals,     in    partnership    with    1M1B    and    Garwood    Center    for Corporate   Innovation,   have   taken   the   lead   for   providing   healthcare   solutions   through   digital   platform   by using   Internet   of   Things   (IoT)   based   medical   devices   and   in   setting   up   skill   development   training   centers wherein   local   workers   can   be   trained   to   become   potential   Nurse   Doctors   or   Physician   Assistants.   The   whole process of Teleconsultation has been performed using our Telemedicine application. The   Garwood   Center   for   Corporate   Innovation   at   the   Haas   School   of   Business,   University of   California,   Berkeley    in   collaboration   with   the   Government   of   India   in   the   State   of   Andhra Pradesh    is   establishing   its   first   Smart   Village   Prototype   in   India,   located   in   the   East   Godavari   District   in Andhra Pradesh (AP),   in the village Mori.   The   Smart   village   concept   encompasses   on   various   areas   like   Connectivity,   Farming,   Safety   and   Security, healthcare,   education   and   skill   development   and   energy   solutions.   1   Million   For   1   Billion   (1M1B)   Foundation is   currently   working   with   UC   Berkley   in   identifying   potential   healthcare   partners   in   delivering   the   same   for setting   up   Smart   Villages.   Care   Foundation   and   Hospitals   would   be   providing   the   following   services   with possible outcomes as mentioned: Telemedicine   center   with   focus   on   Consultations   by   General   Physicians   and   Specialist   Consultation   in various   disciplines   and   Nutrition   education   thereby   creating   accessibility   for   quality   healthcare   and wellness. Possibility   of   extending   home   healthcare   services   at   the   village   level   using   appropriate   technologies thereby ensuring “ continuum of care ”. Healthcare   skill   development,   training   and   certification   at   the   telemedicine   center   thereby   ensuring local capacity building leading to employment. A   holistic   approach   would   be   to   have   a   slight   paradigm   shift   from   patient   centred   care   to   people   centred care.   People-centred   care   is   care   that   is   focused   and   organized   around   the   health   needs   and   expectations of   people   and   communities,   rather   than   on   diseases.   While   patient-centred   care   is   commonly   understood as   focusing   on   the   individual   seeking   care   (the   patient),   people-centred   care   encompasses   these   clinical encounters   and   also   includes   attention   to   the   health   of   people   in   their   communities   and   their   crucial   role   in shaping   health   policy   and   health   services.   So   from   just   being   a   Diagnostic   –   Cure   Model   of   healthcare   it   has become   imperative   that   we   focus   towards   Prevention   –   Wellness.   So   the   new   model   approach   should   be more like the   Wellness-Prevention-Diagnostic-Cure ”.   Integrated   health   services   should   adopt   an   interdisciplinary   approach   encompassing   the   management and   delivery   of   quality   and   safe   health   services   so   that   people   receive   a   continuum   of   health   promotion, disease   prevention,   diagnosis,   treatment,   disease-management,   rehabilitation   and   palliative   care   services, through   the   different   levels   and   sites   of   care   within   the   health   system,   and   according   to   their   needs throughout the life course. The    vision    of    the    Smart    Village    Prototype    is    to    demonstrate    frugal    technological    solutions    with    a business   model   wrapped   around   it   at   affordable   price   points   for   the   villagers.   The   intent   is   to   develop   use cases    powered    by    technology    that    enables    building    of    a    Smart    Healthcare    Center    (Anytime Anywhere IoT Clinic).